Contracting Services

Pond Linings Direct offer a full Contracting Service via some of their most experienced Polyurea Hot Spray Contractors and Hand Applied Contractors especially for Large Ponds and Swimming Pools.


About Polyurea

Spray Polyurea – The Polyurea revolution began back in the late 1990s when chemists at Texaco discovered a very fast set coating which we now call Polyurea.Hot Spray Polyurea is now the recognised way to waterproof large surface area with instant cure and exceptional physical properties. Hot Spray contractors can waterproof between 300-700 sq. metres per day. See downloads page for swimming pool specifications.

    large ponds can be waterproofed in 1 x day- saving on labour cost
    the Polyurea has a BBA Certification -which independently proves that the system will last for 25 years
    the waterproofing is Seamless - no joints and no over-laps which are usually the weakness of any sheet system like Butyl Rubber, PVC or EPDM