Impermax Paint Sealer System

In addition to the 20 year thick coating system, Krypton Chemicals also promote 4 different Polyurethane Pond Sealer/ Paints- which perform very well as a Sealer Paint for a structural sound rendered or brick pond. As a general rule if you are using a Sealer/ Paint system to seal a Koi-Fish pond- then the pond should be constructed to be structurally sound since the Impermax Range of Sealer/ Paints only provides the waterproof seal.

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Clear sealer system

The application is very simple. You apply in total 500gms per sq.m. of Porosity Sealer Flex -using a brush or roller. This is best achieved in 3 x thin layers. This Sealer, like it nearest competitors, will cure to give a very light yellow/ transparent colour because the polyurethane is not Aliphatic ( UV Resistant ). However with a cement rendered pond this may not be a problem since the cement render is usually yellow/ cream colour.

Black colour sealer paint

This application is very simple-just apply 2 x coats of Porosity Sealer then 1 x thick layer of Impermax ( theโ€ Rolls Royce โ€œ of Pond Lining ) Black is the most popular colour for Koi-Fish ponds. Dark Grey ( RAL 7011 ) is also available.

UV clear sealer paint

By using an aliphatic UV stable polyurethane that will not change colour or yellow- this Sealer will always remain Clear. We understand that all our nearest competitors do not use aliphatic UV clear Sealer Paints. The application consists of applying 2 x coats of a unique product Impermax/ Colodur Clear.

UV sealer paint

This application is simple. First apply 2 x coats of Porosity Sealer Flex to seal the pond. When dry apply 1 x top coat of Clear UV Colodur mixed on site with the special pigment paste ( any RAL colour you wish ) The pigment is delivered pre-weighed and is simply added to the Colodur tin and stirred. Imagine any colour you want - Turquoise , Emerald Green , Tile Red, Sky Blue etc