Impermax Liquid Pond Coating System

Impermax 20 Year Coating is a quick cure liquid rubber Pond Liner which has European Drinking Water Approval and a BBA ( British Board of Agreement ) Certificate which gives a 20 Year Plus Product Life expectancy. Impermax 20 Year is not a thin Sealer Paint System.


Cold Applied

Impermax, the "Rolls Royce" of pond lining products is a no-fuss liquid applied system that is laid directly onto the concrete pond base.


Impermax is twice the thickness of all conventional sheet liners like Butyl and PVC and EPDM and is not a paint like other cheaper alternatives on the market.

Seamless Finish

Impermax cures to a seamless finish unlike conventional sheet liners making it much stronger and longer lasting.

BBA Approved

The product has BBA certification which independently gives a life expectancy of 25 years.

CE Approved

CE marking is a certification that indicates Impermax conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards throughout Europe.

Drinking Water Approved

Impermax is drinking water approved according to EEC (European) Directive 98/83/CE and is therefore approved for Koi fish ponds.

Fantastic Colours

Impermax is available in standard colours of Dark Grey and Black, however we can also supply the system in British racing green and even in turquoise subject to minimum volume requirements.

Blue Impermax is perfect for creating quarantine/fish stock tanks where the popular blue colour highlights the colours of the fish while Turquoise Impermax is perfect for natural Swimming Pools.

Application Manual

Download a copy of the Impermax 20 year pond coatings application manual.


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