Helpful hints and tips to help you with your Impermax liquid pond application

Glossary of Terms


The 1 component liquid waterproofing system, find our more about the product here.

PU Primer

A thin primer coating used for activating the surface of grp, butyl, pvc, and metal, etc

Humidity Primer

A 2 component epoxy water based primer used as a primer for damp concrete.


Usually a polyester reinforcement or glass fibre reinforcement used where there are critical areas which might crack or move. Geo Max 80 is a polyester reinforcement of weight 80 gms. per sq.m.


An accelerator which can be added to Impermax to speed up the cure in cold weather.

Impertop Fast 2k

A 2 x component very fast cure uv resistant top colour coat which is also Chlorine Resistant.

Liner Sheet membranes

A thin layer of plastic/ rubber less than 1mm thick -usually made of pvc, butyl or epdm- with a life expectancy of less than 10 years

Porosity Sealer

A primer used to seal the surface of dry concrete.

Rayston Flex 3040

An external mastic made from Polyurethane with great physical properties.

Hot Spray Polyurea

An innovative new waterproofing which is hot spray applied and is normally of thickness 2mm per sq m


A chlorine resistant paint coating

Thixotropic Additive

A powder which is added to Impermax to make it more thick -for vertical application.


My Concrete and Mortar is still wet?

You have to wait till the concrete and mortar is dry. New Screed takes about 20-25 days to fully cure and shrink causing cracks, which must be repaired and reinforced. You can use a small “Blow Lamp” to dry the concrete if the dampness is just caused by recent rainfall -but beware of the dangers of a small torch

The temperature is below 5°c, can I still apply the Impermax

No the temperature has to be above 5°c for application.

The reinforcement has blistered after it has cured

This means you either have trapped air under the Geo Polyester Reinforcement, or you have trapped moisture caused by negative pressure or moisture in the Screed.

What is Negative Pressure?

Negative water pressure is when water from the exterior ground is pushing on the waterproofing from the outside of the membrane. This is quite common and can cause blisters on the surface of the Impermax Waterproofing. The solution is to install “drain “ pipes in the ground to drain the ground water away from the walls of the Pond or Swimming Pool. Please check that the surrounding area around your pond is not always wet.

I'm applying the Impermax and it's just started raining

If it starts to rain please stop the application. If the Impermax has been installed for a more than 15 mins it will only cause small “ pit holes “ on the surface. When the rain stops you can just add some more Impermax.

Still have some questions?

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